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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FIRST CONTEST - Planning a Boy's First Birthday Party!

So, I'm starting the planning process for my son's first birthday party.... and I'm looking for YOUR ideas! 

Share with me your ideas, I will pick one of the idea entries as a winner and send that person a beautiful set of 6 greeting cards handmade by ME!

Simply leave me a comment on my blog with  your ideas, you can even email me photos if you wish.

Be creative, lets see what you can do!

The card set will include: one pink & green Thank You card, purple dry embossed Sympathy card, blue & yellow Birthday card, one Season's Greeting card, blank Butterfly card, and a very lovely pink & brown "may all your wishes come true" that can be used for birthday or any other event.


  1. HOw bout keeping the party at home and hiring an entertainer but that would depend on the ages of the birthday party guests! Beautiful cards by the way!

  2. A few ideas

    Mom and baby tea party - invite your friends for an afternoon tea and cupcakes

    Meet me at the Farm - or that place you got all the strawberries this year. Fall colours, maple syrup, pumpkins! Be fun place for wee one's to play

    Mother Goose party theme - have guests bring books for Nigel

    Ummm, scrapbooking party?

  3. I say keep it simple, check out this blog, they used their pooh cricut cartridge for a baby shower theme, but cut out the characters put it on the cake and voila, cup cakes would be awesome too, you could make some decorations for the wall and a birthday hat for him.

    I made tyler a Im one tshirt on my computer and ironed it on with the printable transfers.

    For tylers first bday, we asked that everyone bring something to put into a time capsule for him, it could have been a newspaper clipping, a letter or something sentimental. I decorated a box and sealed it and it will be for him to open in 20 years.

    We kept it pretty simple, a cake that he could stick his hands in and make a mess that was homemade, some sandwiches and salads and some good friends!
    good luck!

  4. No matter how old, we all love candy! I designed a candyland inspired birthday party for my son's first birthday but it would work for any age! Check out my blog post for some ideas and details


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