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Monday, January 3, 2011

Sew ... I bought a new one!

Anyone who is on my Facebook surely knows I've been grumbling for a few weeks about my sewing machine having busted ... it was one of these cheap ones that is made by a company who make vacuum cleaners... all the internal parts were plastic and with sewing on paper it didn't last me two years ... need I say more? 

I had been hoping that I would get one for Christmas, and while my Mom did give me a sewing machine for Christmas it was all plastic parts too, and wasn't really designed for the abuse I'm going to put it through ... I am grateful Mom, don't get me wrong, your heart is in the right spot... thanks a bunch.

I went to a wonderful sewing shop in Ottawa today at 581 Bank Street - Yarn Forward & Sew On ... fantastic shop, I recommend it to anyone, the service is 2nd to none, and I was impressed with the knowledge and expertise there. 

I bought myself a Husqvarna Viking E20 ... man it runs smoothly ... you're going to see alot more stitching on my layouts and cards as of today I tell ya!

Isn't she beautiful?  OK, OK, I know, it's a sewing machine ;o)

Here is a sneak peek of a layout I'm doing - notice anything ... like say ...oh lots of stitching LOL!

Enjoy and remember to follow my blog!


  1. I'm loving it! with a machine like that you might want to get into quilting also! Love the paper in your peek! Emma

  2. Great machine pick. I have a Husquarna serger and sewing machine and love them both. Looking forward to seeing your creations and stitching :)

  3. Wonderful sewing machine!! I love what you have done on your page with it! I have been afraid to sew on my pages, I have an old machine but do not sew but seeing what you do has inspired me to try! I checked out your other posts and I have become a follower of your blog! You do wonderful work. Please come visit my blog. http:/ Hugs, Colleen


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