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Friday, July 9, 2010

Tri-fold cards - (tutorial)

Well I celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday. That's right, I was one of those crazy people planning a wedding for 07-07-07! It was great actually, no problems, no delays, perfect.

I made my husband an Anniversary card - I did it in a new technique that I was trying out... I'll show you how I did it :o) It's called a tri-fold card, and it is SO SIMPLE to make; yet looks so damn cute and detailed.


You will need some sturdy cardstock a 12x12 sheet
A Bone folder, or ruler to crease your folds
A cutter that can cut in the middle of a page (I don't recommend a rotary cutter for this)
A scoring tool or you can use your bone folder again

Step ONE
Cut your cardstock at 5 1/2" (so you can make two cards from one piece of cardstock) 5 1/2 vertical x 12 horizontal.

Step TWO
Score vertical lines at 2 inches, 4 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches

Measure down 1 1/2 inches from the top and the bottom and cut from the 2 inch score line to the 10 inch score line.

Fold the card into an accordion style.  The smaller top and bottom sections are folded opposite to the larger center section.  It is probably easier to look at the photo and try to follow it.

Decorate the card - This is the fun part!


  1. Hi Lorena,
    Thanks for following me! And the nice comments. YOU are an amazing scrapbooker!! I love all your layouts and designs. I kind of come and go with my blogging, so I hope you do enjoy what I do blog. ;) The only reason why I'm looking for girl names for the mobiles that I'm making is that I'm trying to get a few more examples and some feedback before I list them in my shop. I am probably going to post a tutorial for them though, so if I don't make yours, you'll know how to make them. They are really easy to do! And with your scrapbooking skills I'm sure you would do an awesome job! I will let you know on Thursday! :) Thanks again!! :)


  2. Hey there! I'm loving your blog and the awsome tutorials! TFS!!!

  3. Thank you Diane and Jolaine !


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