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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meeting Donna Downey

I had the great pleasure of meeting Donna Downey on the weekend.  I took in three of her workshops.  This altered artist has such energy and spunk and fantastic knowledge of working with different mediums.  The three projects we worked on were all canvas based.  I've often found myself buying canvas products from albums to covered chipboard pieces and even raw canvas - however never had the courage to use them.  My best guess as to why is that I didn't know the basics. 

While I didn't want to copy her inspiration pieces exactly I wanted to give them my own spin; I found that I was continually gravitating back to her design - she has such great flow to her projects - they work! 

Donna admittedly has a fascination with the eylettes on shipping tags (she calls them the brown hole) and you will virtually see one on every project that she produces.  Well, admittedly I have a fascination with putting flowers onto every layout - and if there is an eyelette I have to put something through it - I can't leave it vacant!  As well, I can't seem to leave a layout without a title or date on them. 

Here are two of the three projects we did - I'll have to set aside a full day to complete the third project as it is a long one!

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