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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vintage paper - oooh what a find!

I had the absolute pleasure of a wonderful Yard Sale find on the weekend!  I picked up some very old books.  Three of which are old hymn books (with music notes and lyrics), and the fourth is an old medical dictionary. 

You may ask... why?  Why Lorena are these nifty finds?  Ah, my friends, when you add vintage text to your layouts - tucked behind a photo, scrunched up in a corner - under a clear button - as part of a flower etc. it makes for VERY interesting layouts!

I've been doing a wedding album recently and was able to sneak a few pieces of the vintage hymn book into it.  I won't be posting any of that album until it has been delivered to the owner, and only with her permission - sorry folks.  I will however be doing some more of my family soon, and try to utilize vintage text there too. 

I'll tell you one thing though.... 100 year old paper really SMELLS when heated - Pew - who knew!

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