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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Avonmore Berry Farm - double page layout

This is a re-post of a layout that I did in June of 2010 - it has been published in Canadian Scrapbooker Summer 2011 issue (page 95)  My first publication - hopefully of many more to come!  Let me know what you think of this layout!

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On June 23rd this year friends and myself went to the local Berry farm to pick strawberries... there was a 5.0 magnitude earthquake that day!  Weird, yes, we never have (rarely) earthquakes... but what was weirder was the fact that we didn't even feel it!  We were in the middle of the field and I guess because you are 'one with the ground' and not in a building that is 'attached, or embeded' in the ground you don't feel the sway as much.  Either way, it was a really great spot for a photo shoot!  More to come of the kids picking/eating berries.

I used Basic Grey's Nook & Pantry for this, they have a REALLY great paper called Strawberry Shortcake that has strawberries all over it, and I just love the pink and red combination.  I bordered the whole layout with matching green.  I used various Prima flowers to layer also mixing in some tulle.  I included a little strawberry jam recipe - I thought it was cute. I glued on some lace that I had picked up from a local craft store.  The Lined paper is Grandma's Kitchen - Pen Pal, I used a small hole punch and tore through like it was pulled from a spiral bound book.  I used my Circut for the titles - fonts were "Cursive 101" for the Avonmore, and "Plantain Schoolbook" for the Berry Farm - I used the shadow feature for both. I used "George & Basic Shapes" for the circles, and a Fiskars punch for the scallop.

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