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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Product Review - Cricut Storage Binder

The Cricut Storage Binder

What a fantastic purchase I made!  I've been long searching for a Cricut cartridge storage solution.  First I bought some of those boxes, (the same size as the box that the cartridges come in) that hold 8 cartridges and are supposed to hold the co-ordinating overlays and books.  I found that they were too small to hold the books and overlays.  So I was putting the cartridges in the box, and the books & overlays into ziplock bags.  Then I tried the Jukebox - which I found more clunky and cumbersome than useful.  Then I spotted this little beauty on Tina's website!  $30 gave me a storage SOLUTION!  Very neat and tidy, stores everything very well and organized.  I love that it is made of a sturdy, wipe able material.  I adore the fact that it is branded with the adorable green Cricut head on it.  I love that its black and the Cricut green.  Forward thinking that it will hold my Spatula too!  It holds twelve Cricut cartridges and the accompanying books & overlays, without crowding.  The Elastic band holds the books in place and has a snap closure.  (be sure to use the snap closure though - failing to do that can cause the books to all fall out if you pick it up by the handle and its unzipped)  I think the handle on the back, very easy transport.

 My only - and I will stress ONLY grief is that it will not hold the paper books - you know the two page ones that come with the less expensive cartridges that only have a few fonts on them - like Street Sign, Blackletter, and Home Decor. The pockets on the Cricut Storage Binder is too narrow to hold them without folding the paper.

When I was showing it off to my regular Tuesday night group of scrappers, it was a hit.  I need to order two more now!

Let me know what you think! I love it!

***** Update  *****

After 6 months of using this Cricut Storage Binder I have become annoyed with two other factors on it. 

1) the net pockets that hold the cartridge are black and therefore hard to read which corresponding cartridge in in that pocket.  I would suggest in an updated version have these net pockets white so that you can read through them. 

2)My other grief is that the nylon pockets on the right that hold the books is not reinforced very well.  Both of the pockets have torn away from the casing itself.  It is still functional but I'm not sure how long it will stand up.

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