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Monday, September 6, 2010

Steampunk - cards

Steampunk - how do I describe Steampunk.  Other than being one of the hottest new trends in scrapbooking (and other medias including science fiction, film, fashion)  The premise behind it is combining elements from the 19th century and elements from either science fiction or technology, in a manor that would have been perceived by the people of that time if the technology were available.  In art most often you see items made of polished brass, wood or leather added to Victorian figures. Probably the best definition I've seen on the web is from see this link for their definition.  I've always liked the look of anything that has been done in a Steampunk style.  I've been eagerly collection (and consequently not using) several papers from Graphic 45, in hopes that someday I will do something Steampunk with them.

Well today I tried my hand at a couple of steampunk style cards.  Now, keep in mind these are my very first attempts... I will get better :o)

I picked up a couple of canvas prints of Victorian style figures on them and am looking forward to doing them up Steampunk.

Until then, check these cards out.

OK, not very Steampunk, but still pretty cool.

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