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Monday, September 10, 2012

Life is Finite ...

I've finally decided I am going to take up Art Journaling ... well kinda.  Mixed media art is everywhere now, and it's so intriguing, however there are alot of elements that I don't like about it ... and I have finally got my head wrapped around the fact that I don't have to do those things that I don't like, I can make it me, I can do it however I want.
This was my first ever Mixed Media attempt

So, the other day I did a couple of little canvases, and enjoyed the journey.  See above for my first attempt (shudders) I can't believe I'm putting this on the blog!

Today I got some bad news about a family member and something has been running through my head like a mantra all day ... Life is Finite.

I used a canvas page from the Prima Mixed Media Album, and a book page, gesso, texture paste, Crafters Workshop template, stamps from Prima and Autumn Leaves, Prima flowers and bling, bubble wrap, pan pastels, and gelatos ... wow what a mix!  I guess this is why it's called MIXed media LOL.

Anyway, first attempt, let me know what you think



  1. Love it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with your first canvas! Very brave of you to start with that, rather than paper.

  2. Wow! Stunning!!! I love the cover and the Life is Finite page. You're very talented.

  3. Very creative. Love both of them!

  4. A great message, and I also like the art too ;-)


    1. Thank you sis :o) This means more to me than you know

  5. I love this! Life is finite and that is a wonderful thing to think on.

  6. Well, I had the pleasure to see it in person this weekend, and I thought these pages were amazing. I do disagree with one though, only this life is finite. I don't know what else is out there for sure - but I don't think we've struggled, learned hard lessons, given and received love to have it all end abruptly. Even in sleep we have some consciousness. Now where did all this come from at this time of the day without a glass of wine in my hand?????


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