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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Art Journal - pages 2 and 3

Continuing on with the Art journal project I have started.  I am going through some very difficult times right now personally.  Someone very close to me is dying, and it is hard to watch.  And while everyone dies sometime, you just never 'want' it to happen.  And when someone starts to fade then you try to hang on to the hope that they will somehow get better, and all things will be the same as they once were.

This journal is intended to help me get my emotions out, page by page, as things unfold in this journey I am documenting them in art.  I use to write poetry, I was pretty good, I have been published a time or two.  But life changes you, and your interests and way of expressing yourself either matures or digresses, I don't know which.  But this is how I'm doing 'me' right now.
Page two - As much as I hate this saying, and believe me I do ... "It is what it is"  It is just that ... it IS what it is ... and you can't change it.  It ... is ... cancer.  It ... will be ... death.  Moving on ... notice on this page the key?  That was a cool technique, I used Versamark and platinum embossing powder in several layers then while the heat embossing was still hot, I pressed a rubber stamp into it - love how it turned out.

Page three - I'm so sick of hearing this right now when I tell anyone what I'm going through "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that"  Really? Is that just the stock saying?  I know it's probably the same thing I would be saying if I were in their shoes too, but honestly, does it really benefit either the recipient or the giver?  Anyway, it is what it is, and until it's over, everyone is going to be sorry to hear that.  Moving on again, the technique in this one is my hand made flowers.  And again having used Gelatoes to colour the background.
Well as always, I appreciate your comments - be kind and leave a few words for me ... simply click on the comment button right down there :o)


  1. Hey Lorena, beautiful journal...and yes I am one of those who has said to you how sorry..... but note taken, will not say that anymore!
    Vent away girl, love that you can get all the raw emotions out....I guess there is something to this art journal thing...I may have to try it sometime! The Key rocks, love the texture and the technique.

  2. Very nice job on your Art Journal. ((Hugs)) to you! I have been there also. My stepfather passed away from cancer & my boyfriends mom is now dealing with lung cancer. As many people that I have known to have this, it doesnt get any easier to deal with. Scrappin & creating can be some kind of therapy tho. (Hugs)again.

  3. Love the art journal pages, Lorena. Glad that you are using them as a means of venting, dealing, heck, just thinking even. You are right - most people don't know what to say so they just say that they are sorry. I'm one of them. Life really sucks sometimes and we wish we could give a virtual hug to those that need it. You'll always have mine. Stay strong, and make every moment count!

  4. I love all of your art journal pages. The heart and the feather and the key and the title and the colours on page 2 are just perfect. Page 3 has a strong message, but the colours and flowers are so warm and inviting -- it seems to me that hearing those words makes you feel closer to the person saying them and brings back memories of better times.
    Like Kiki, I'm here for virtual hugs, the real ones, the scrapbooking and the wine. ;-)

  5. You make so beautiful art Lorena. You art journal pages look amazing and they speak volume! Life can be quite the bitch sometime, believe me I had my share of it too. My dear Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a couple of weeks ago. She started deteriorating before my Dad passed away last year, and since then, she has been going downhill at a faster pace. It took a long time to get a diagnosis, and now we have to get her out of her beloved house and put her in a home. This is so sad that I can't even let myself being sad by fear of not being able to resurface. So hang in there, Lorena, and surround yourself of loving persons who can be there when you need them. And keep creating to sooth your heart. Big hug to you my dear.

  6. Gorgeous work as always! Never heard of Art Journaling until recently...looks like a good way to let loose of frustrations! By the way did you see the article on how to make roses out of Maple Leaves? So cool!


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