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Monday, October 11, 2010

Snack break anyone?

Everyone has something that keeps them going - creative fuel.  The desk-side snack.  For some it's chocolate.  Others it's ju-jubes or cookies.  Well I was noticing on my scrap table that I'm running low on my my favorite snack; chocolate covered sunflower seeds.  Then I had an idea for a post.... what do you snack on?  What can you not live without when you are stuck for creativity or that after dinner necessity munch?
For me, normally it's something salty, I've never really been a sweets kinda gal.  But I find that Ruffles Regular chips and my inky, gluey fingers don't really mix well.  So I tend to lean towards the chocolate covered sunflower seeds.  Water is always a staple on my desk too, I can't do without it.  I don't drink pop or anything like that.  I do enjoy the Pringles STIX too though, honey butter flavour - yumness!

Let me know what your desk-side snack is?


  1. I haven't ever got into the habit of snacking while I scrap. Have no reason why...just never did ;)

  2. No snacks when I scrap ~ but at my day job, my side-snack is either toast (I work from home) chips/cheezies or jellybeans!


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