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Sunday, May 18, 2014

I am a Pinterest FREAK ...

I love Pinterest as a source of inspiration.  I see a project that I think to myself; hey, I can duplicate that ... I can make that!  And then I call my friend Amber over, and we try and do it ... sometimes better than others.

This time we were re-creating a Pin that a friend of mine sent of some rolled paper flowers.  They looked simple enough, and sure enough they were.  I used plain Bazzil cardstock and for the stems and leaves I used computer paper and sprayed it with some Prima Color Bloom spray (Lime Wedge) and then used the Prima Arbor Sizzix die to cut out the leaves.  In a matter of 2 hours we had made a half dozen blossoms, stems and leaves.  They turned out better than the originals if you ask me!
If you want to check out the original website please follow this link:
The Inspiration
My creation



  1. crazy beautiful Lorena ! .. I can't believe that the paper for the flowers are computer paper .. i was ready to take out my good paper and use that !!

  2. These are so Pretty Lorena~!!! Fresh and Springy! I can't wait for the real ones to bloom!


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