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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Moose You!

A friend from the village has asked me to put together some cards that are going into a silent auction for a conference she is going to.  Her daughter has Chromosome 15q Duplication Syndrome and is attending  a conference in Minnesota in support of Dup15q.  What an honor to say the least that something handmade of mine will be debuting at this event.  Since we are from the village of Moose Creek, she asked me to do up some cards with a Moose theme.  Challenge accepted!  Now to find a Moose ... does a beaver count? No?  Damn, now what?  I borrowed a Cricut cartridge that has a moose on it, and put together this card.  Now for a sentiment ... I wanted it to be a little humorous ... so "I Moose You!" 

I hope she likes the cards, and I hope the person who wins the silent auction enjoys them too.
You should also check out her blog, she is amazingly well spoken and side splittingly funny, such quick whit.  You will love it.
Well what do you think?  Be kind, leave a comment - it free!


  1. good job!! very kind of you also!!

  2. Your card is awesome Lorena!!!!! I love how you went and borrowed what you needed for your theme. The sentiment is clever and funny, love the background papers. Hugs, brigitte


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