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Friday, March 22, 2013

Facinated with fascinators!

I've been in full party planning mode for my daughter's birthday Tea Party. I wanted to give the girls a corner to dress up in, transform themselves back to a time of a Victorian era and sip tea with their pinky finger raised up. I made 5 fascinators and two tea party hats. If you are not sure what a fascinator is, think royal, mini hat, side of the head, feathers, flowers ... you know what I'm talking about now?
Here goes, I used a lot of my Prima flowers on this project. I wanted to get photos of them before the kids destroyed them, so I recruited a co-worker of mine to model for me! Here is the lovely Ania! Ania Hejnar is an amazingly talented soprano opera singer.  She also teaches voice, violin and piano - Uber talented!  Here is her website to check her out.



I think I used about 14 packages of Prima flowers!  I used hot glue for this project, and now I remember why I *don't* typically use hot glue ... it HURTS when you get it on your fingers - ouchie!  But it's great for sticking things onto metal and setting quickly.  I loved the process of this project - building layer ontop of layer.  Hope the kids like them too.  Aniah liked them so much she asked me to make one for her wedding next year! 

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