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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cherry Tree double layout - featuring Kissing Booth

I have long since been a fan of Basic Grey - I would put them at the top of my list in paper companies.  However I must admit they have not had many lines in the past year that I have *Loved* but when I saw Kissing Booth I did love everything about this line.  Two tones of pink and brown, yes, my perfect combination for girly pages.  I am blessed to have both a daughter and a son, so I can go back and forth with the boy pages and the girl pages.  I have however been rightly accused of doing more pages of my daughter ... I think there are a few reasons for that:
  •  I love pink
  •  I love flowers - and while I still put flowers on my boy pages, I can go haul-ass crazy with them on a girl page.
  • My daughter is so much more photogenic than my son ... seriously she is a poser!
  • My daughter has been around longer - by 18 months :o)
Anyway, enough excuses, here is another pink layout featuring my daughter and myself.  We were both dressed in pink this day, and the cherry tree in a friend's yard was in full bloom, so we posed and had a mini photo shoot - it was a fantastic day.

Lesson learned on taking photos of your layouts on your Smart Phone though .... the photos are HORRIBLE - I photo shopped the crap out of these photos and they still turned out less than mediocre.

If you would like to see this layout in person, please visit Auntie Em's Scrapbooking in Cornwall!

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  1. cute photos.glad that you used them and not just only the perfectly posed one.the embellies are so sweet,as are the borders(esp the lace one).Truthfully,my eyes be bad,cos this page doesn't scream pink to me.

  2. I love the Kissing Booth collection too and used it for a LO of my daughter eating raspberries. I really really and I mean really love the hearts you used on this layout. Very cool idea!

  3. oh you have some beautiful layouts here. and I love the clock. I am a new follower here.


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