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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In search of ....

A white pen that writes well and DOES NOT turn PINK when written on dark colours!
That, and I'm looking for a white Sharpie - not the shake-em-up paint type, the 'fine tip - perminant' everyday marker type.

Also searching for a Chicken Wire background stamp.

I need your help in locating each of those items - if you know where I can purchase any of them I may be swayed to hand out some RAK!


  1. Lorena....I personally love my Signo white gel pen by Uni-ball. I have never had a problem with it bleeding or turning colour.

  2. Its the Signo Uni-Ball that I'm loathing right now, try using it on a dark cardstock - turns orange or pink - doesn't stay white for me :(

  3. What card stock are you using? Neither my friends nor I have encountered that problem. You could have got a bad pen....that does happen.

    Good luck in your quest!

  4. Prima makes a chicken wire background stamp.

  5. Hi Lorena!! Thank you so very much for your sweet comments on my Bo Bunny blog post!! Firstly, regarding your white pen dilemma... I too had the hardest time finding a 'good' one that didn't turn pink or that didn't leave gaps. The one I ended up with, and that isn't too bad is from Michaels - GellyRoll Med/Sakura. I often have to go over back and forth rather than a single line, but it seems to work fine. On my BB Post, the Photo editing software I use is SUPER old - actually came with my laptop ages ago and its called MS PictureIt. I LOVE it and it pretty much does whatever Adobe can do (I think) The 'stone' background you always see is thanks to my front walkway - LOL! I just like the contrast it gives against most of my layouts plus its outside so it gives a nice, natural light to the projects. Hope that helps!!

  6. Hi Lorena! Thanks so much for your tip on lighting at my blog!! that was just driving me crazy when we were taping....I think next time I will not do it in the kitchen and rather us some outdoor lighting. Great idea for the crackle medium on the tiles!! Don't know why I didn't think of that! I use Tim Holtz Rock Candy on my chipboard, I bet it would work great on the tiles! for a white pen? I swear by Signo Unibal! It goes on nice and thick, you don't have to keep going over it to make it show up! I wonder if that's why you're getting the bleeding into the white? Or it could be the type of cardstock you use? Have you tried changing brand names of chardstock to see it it still happens? are in Ontario yes? I know that Forever Scrapbooks in Burlington usually has this pen.

    Thanks again for your sweet comments!

    ~ Gabi xx


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