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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My new toy!!

Well I'll tell ya, Christmas was great this year!  My husband bought me a new toy .... do you know what it is??

I also got a new scrapbooking box, an I-rock, and a mini sewing machine.  I think I may still buy a semi-decent new one for myself.  Not sure if this little one is going to do the trick or not, but we will see.

I also made a new card, this comes directly inspired from a card that was sent to my sister for Christmas from her friend Rae-Lynn in B.C.  I loved the card so much I asked her if I could 'lift' it!  She sent me a link to a blog post tutorial on this card - here is that link

That's it for now folks, let me know what you think of my new toy ... leave me a comment as to what you believe it is!


  1. I give! A mini tanning booth! lol
    Hope we don't have to wait til next year to find out - i'm too curious for that!

  2. It's a light shell for photographing small objects....

  3. That's right Laura! And it's just big enough for a 12x12 layout! So excited!

  4. Thats is very cool, I cant believe it will do a12x12 layout! Awesome gift!


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