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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting it pretty - Here's Lookin at you KID - layout

I've been scouring different blogging sites, trying to figure out how to make my blog pretty... there are alot of great looking blogs out there, and well, frankly I'm jealous... I have to remind myself that today is only day two, not even 24 hours into my blogger life and great things take time. So... that being said, I'll keep working at it. The next layout was is one of my son, Nigel looking into his toy mirror. What a fantastic shot. I removed some of the colour on it so as not to distract the eye. The toy is rather bright otherwise. I used Basic Grey's Nook & Pantry paper. I also used a little bit of October Afternoon's Thrift Store papers. You see I have a very good friend (friends since college - WOW) that is trying to convert this Basic Grey girl into an October Afternoon girl. I look at their papers, and although very lovely, I think, what am I going to do with this 1960's wallpaper? I'll keep working at it Mandy! I'll get there; someday.


  1. Lorena, I love this layout, and ha ha about the october afternoon papers! What fonts did you use for your title?

  2. Thanks again Mandy. I used Street Sign for the "here's" & "at" I used Graphically Speaking for the "OO" in look. I used Calligraphy (I think it was) for the rest of the word "LOOK" and "you". I used Storybook for the word "kid" I love using different fonts for one page. Honestly the plain plain Street Sign is one of my fav's.


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