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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Funny as all heck! ... And my first follower!

So, every Tuesday I head to a my gracious friend, Candace's house to scrapbook. I leave the kiddies at home with my wonderful husband (sometimes to his chagrin) and do my thing... my hobby, scrapbooking!

Last night was no exception. My husband loves to see my work that I have completed Tuesday night, so I leave my layout or layouts on the table next to his keys and wallet for his perusal in the morning... it works for us.

What was different was that I had posted on my Facebook that I have a blog up and running and for all my friends to check it out. I posted a link - as you know it's The Scrapper's Corner and the URL is "scrapping corner" A very humorous friend of mine posted a comment to my Facebook after viewing my blog... needless to say, it is defiantly blog worthy material, so I'm going to post it in its entirety... Thanks again Jeff for your witty humour and some big $5 words that I had to look up!

"I don't know too much about scrap fact I thought your blog might be about people beating each other stuff Lorena!! I will keep checking in to see how it unfolds! Also, please include some fisticuffs and/or a donnybrook...Mooks need attention too!"

Well, Jeff, it's no Fight Club here... just us girls participating in Cut 'N Paste!

I'll post my latest Masterpiece once the kiddies have gone down for their nap and I can get the camera out.

Thank you as well to my first follower... my sister... but none the less, I have a follower and this whole Blog thing is starting to come together :o)

Stay tuned... coming up next my use of some old school Basic Grey papers - Stella Ruby!


  1. Your blog looks fabulous! Loving your layouts as well. :)

  2. Thanks so much Wendy! That means so much to me, as I am such a fan of your layouts! I hope my blog will keep coming along well and improving.


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