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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sweet on my Valentine

My Valentine, my husband will be away on a work trip this Valentines Day - but that didn't stop the kids and I in putting together some sweet treats and making a beautiful craft for him.

A friend saw these awesome little books made out of a deck of cards online - 52 Reasons I Love You... on each card is a sentiment of what I love about my husband - some of them are quite funny - some of them are very personal, each of them is made with love.  The box I decorated up and distressed.



I also made a little canvas with some burlap and canvas scraps.  I used my Dymo machine and some stamps.

And finally, the cupcakes.  Because what would Valentines Day be without something sweet?  Butter Pecan with cream cheese icing.  For the larger cupcakes I used a knife to drag the red icing into a heart.


  1. What an awesome idea!!! I love it!! You did a fantastic job on it and I love the few little messages you shared. He will no doubt love it Lorena. I'm pinning this one. :)

  2. LOVE this, its gorgeous! What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! I may swipe the idea someday... this would make a wonderful gift for my Mum too :)

  3. I want to do this now! It's so sweet Tony will love it!


  4. OMG Lorena!!!!! This is so amazing!!!!! What a fantastic idea, I love the playing cards and how you modified them! WOW WOW WOW!!!! I could look at it for hours. Hugs, Brigitte


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