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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I would like to take you on a tour of the Scrapping Corner!!!

My Scrapping Corner is finally complete!  I would like to give you a little tour of the finished room.
This is my desk area and the new desk area for a guest to scrap with me.  Hubby bought me a TV for my scrap room, not sure I'm ever going to get anything done now!  Ikea Expidit shelving under the counter top.

Desk area for two to easily scrap. Ikea Expitit shelf hanging from the ceiling for additional storage. A new light above my desk, to go with the new paint and flooring.

Bottom left you can see my Cricut, and then my laptop, storage of buttons, brads etc in the stacking jars and candy jars.  Storage boxes house my stickles, Sizzix/Cuttlebug folders, extra bling and flowers and paints.  Punch storage on the wall with 5 towel racks again from Ikea.  Tee hee, my vintage radio doesn't really fit with this room, but it's the only radio that will pick up anything in the basement :o)

Peg board for all my beading tools, scissors and fragile chipboard pieces that I don't want to put into bins.  My Ott light and tool caddy. A cow bell to ring in support of my favorite hockey team when viewing the games on the "big screen" 19" TV.  I think I need a larger splat mat though!

We used inexpensive counter top on top of simple 2x4's anchored to the wall - supported by balusters and trimmed out with baseboards!  The Expidit shelving unit has optional drawers which I added two sets. I switched out the ugly knobs that the drawers cam with for some porcelain knobs that I picked up at a garage sale years ago, they are perfect!  I added a shoe rack on top for my inks to sit on/in - until I find a better solution.
My stamp shelf is a 'plate shelf' again from Ikea and the cutting table is an old piece of furniture that we have had for a while, this was once my craft table, if you can believe that - that space and nothing more!  As you can see, I have expanded LOL.  The paper rack on the left is an inexpensive set from Walmart, and the rack on the right was built by my loving husband about 7 years ago; the shelves slide out, and it is on casters, built of plywood.

In this piece which I picked up from a yard sale I keep projects that I am working on on the right, and miscellaneous mini albums and such on the middle shelves.  Magazines and my Copic class materials on the left.  In the drawers I store my cling stamp sets and Big Shot parts. My Clip-It-Up on top - and room for two layouts on display.  Love this flooring - simply beautiful!

Having my printer and my sewing matching out for use at any time sure makes it easier to throw a little stitching on a project, or print up a journaling spot or card sentiment.  The dreaded plastic bin under the counter top is left over from my previous space and houses all my cards that I have made and not sold or given away.  I will hang my bulletin board eventually.
Not the greatest shot, but shows you a full view of the back wall. And ignore the stack of layouts begging to be put into albums on the paper rack - you weren't supposed to see that LOL!

All in all I have 162 square feet of Scrapping Corner, and I'm loving my new space .... currently it is nice and neat and tidy.  Ask me again in about a month for a photo and well ... it just won't be the same!

I would love to hear what you think of my space, please leave me a comment below.



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE.......what a great space Lorena!! :)

  2. WowWowWow!!! Question - the pink thingies in the expedit shelving unit - are they baskets?

    1. Hi Stephanie - they are pull-out canvas bins - from Ikea as well, they are open at the top, and will hold about 10lbs of weight only as they are made of cardboard covered in a canvas like fabrick. Not expensive either, about $7 each

  3. Other than the Maple Leaf thingy on top of the peg board, it's STUNNING!!

  4. Very nice scrap space Lorena. I wish I could get so organized & keep it that way.

  5. Very nice scrap space Lorena. I wish I could get so organized & keep it that way.

  6. Wow so organise! Proud of you! Very nice an inspire ring!

  7. What is that maple leafy thing, a cow bell? Lorena, I can remember sleeping in your basement and seeing your former scrapbook space. This is an AMAZING transformation, you must be so excited and proud. Love all the details, especially how you are displaying your punches and stamps. Where was that shelf from? You told me but I can't remember now! Congrats girl, now get scrapping!

  8. Wow...your space is it!!

  9. Awesome, LOVE your new space! What a great place to be creative!
    I'm so envious!!!

    1. Jenni - you will have to come scrap with me soon - when are you off work?

  10. I can not tell you have impressed and excited I am for you Lorena. That is one beautiful working space. I want one now...can you send the hubby this way? :) I love it and deserve it!


  11. Looks fantastic Lorena! I am sure you will be even more productive in the new space than before since everything is so well organized. Kudos to T for making you such a beautiful craft area and giving up his computer nook.


  12. Hiii,
    this is so nice I can be lost in there for days, beautifull room and set up.
    I have to go visit and take a lesson.


  13. Beautiful, beautiful room. I can't wait to show my husband to see if he can "copy" some of your ideas.


  14. I love your scraproom Lorena! It's so tidy!! I love your storage solutions for punches and stamps. I can't wait to see what you create in that space!!!


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