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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trendy in 2012

So, like any good scrapbooker I've been following all the CHA 2012 sneak peeks ... and well I must say overall I'm not really impressed.  There are a few little things hear and there that are cute, some things that I will probably pick up, but nothing that is screaming "Lorena you must buy me" 

Click on this link to see the Sneek Peaks (here)

I'm tying to figure out what the anticipated trends are going to be for the upcoming year ... I would like to say that Vintage has yet another round in the ring, and that Kraft paper will stick around again for another season... these are two of my favorite things in scrapbooking.

What I have seen this year so far has been the following:

TWINE - it's showing up everywhere, and everyone is putting out their version of it too.  Personally I love bakers twine, and even more over I love the "natural" twine.

HONEYCOMB - it seems as though every company has either honeycomb or chicken wire on something weather it be a stamp, a resist, a patterned paper, or digi.

WOODGRAIN - again, not something I don't care for, I like it.  Many different takes on it out there, from painted shabby chic to, white on Kraft, to stamps to natural wooden pieces.

FRENCH INSPIRED - from the Eiffel tower, to fleur de lis, to damask - it's everywhere  - it's vintage, it's c'est bon!

BUTTERFLIES (again) - not sure if it's still or again.  These little papillon are showing wherever you look - they seem to be tastefully done, not childish or cartoonish, but realistic and wholesome.

Well there you go folks, there is my take on the upcoming Scrapbook Trends of 2012 (so far) lets see how far off I am going forward.

What have you seen in trends this season?

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